In a women’s prison in Istanbul, inmates must fight to survive behind bars. With heartbreak, humour and plenty of dramatic rivalries, the women of The Yard form deep friendships but also have to deal with gang violence and the dangerous drama of prison life. We follow wrongly convicted Deniz as she goes from helpless new inmate to being pulled into in gang warfare. In this environment free from men and with its own internal politics and justice system, it takes brains and ruthlessness to rise to the top, and there are plenty of backs stabbed and bones broken on her way up. With a lot on the line and a host of incredible characters, The Yard is an edge-of-your-seat drama with gripping action and plenty of heart.

Cast :

Ceren Moray, Demet Evgar, Nursel Köse, Deniz Can Aktaş, Deniz Barut, Çağdaş Onur Öztürk, Eslem Akar, Nergis Öztürk, Kenan Ece, Şebnem Dönmez, Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı, Rüçhan Çalışkur, Ayça Damgacı, Hüseyin Turunç, Ümmü Putgül, Selen Seyven, Şeyla Halis, Onuryay Evrentan, Görkem Mertsöz, Tuğrul Tülek


Episodes of Season 1

Episodes of Season 2