Fun Facts of Movie

Flirt, consisting of Ozan, Çağatay and Crocodile, tries to earn money from being a musician by playing gratitude in the orchestra at the weddings of the neighborhood they live in. The 3 friends, who do not want to compromise their music genres while making money, cannot find a producer to release the album they want. While it is already a mistake to share their musical style with the guests at a wedding they played, Ozan starts to ‘flirt’ with the bride! The trio, who find themselves unemployed and worst of all, who are not constantly ridiculed, find the last resort by putting their own money into releasing an album. But their pockets are empty.

Release Year: 2014
Production: Limon
Director: Murat Şenöy

Cast: Mete Horozoğlu, Ezel Akay, Ozan Kotan, Fuat Güner, Çağatay Kehribar, Mehmet Hakan Çağlar, Başak Daşman, Sema Şimşek, Tuğrul Tülek, Cihan Tamer, Ayta Sözeri, Güzin Usta, Mahmut Gökgöz