Fun Facts of Movie

The elusive young people of the neighborhood, the desperate housewives, the young girls living in a fantasy world, the fathers lost in the football match… All of them meet in Dudullu Post, a series that makes you laugh with its sincere nature! Asım, who spends night and day working as a journalist, Melis who is imprisoned in the house by her brother, Tayfur, the young man in love with Melis, Eyüp, who is obsessed with security and honor, Sebati, one of the strangest people in the neighborhood, and many more are in Dudullu. Dudullu Post is the newspaper of journalists who are not aware that they are telling their own funny stories while they think they are making news!

Release Year: 2018
Production: Limon
Director: Onur Ünlü

Cast: Furkan Kalabalık , Güven Kıraç, Öner Ateş, Taner Ölmez, Tayfur Erkan Can, Mehmet Yılmaz Ak, Gözde Çığacı