Fun Facts of Movie

Selman Bulut is a former boxer who was once interested in anthropology and is now an extraordinary imam working in a mosque. One day, while he was leading the prayer in the mosque, the inside of the mosque echoed with the sound of gunfire. One of the people inside collapses to the ground and dies. The police, who arrive at the crime scene, collect the first evidence and the investigation process begins. Selman Bulut takes action after this incident and decides to solve the case over some of the people and situations he suspects. Each clue takes things to an unexpected turn, and things get more and more mysterious.

Release Year: 2014
Production: Limon
Director: Onur Ünlü

Cast: Serhan keskin, Umut Kurt, Mustafa Kırantepe, Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, Hazal Kaya, Osman Sonant, Yaşar Kadir Üzer, Öner Erkan, Ahmet Kaynak, Büşra Pekin, Özgür Çevik, Serdar Orçin