Fun Facts of Movie

A free man never thinks about how to live; because he already knows how not to live. The rest is a story. Şevkat is a rebellious neighborhood boy. He has no tolerance for injustice, injustice and discrimination. His biggest problem is anger management. Because of this problem, he is extraordinary, cute and the hero of the neighborhood. But his heart is as soft as cotton and his life is always in a thread. He understands the situation, remembers, and extends a helping hand to those in need. In short, he is an extinct neighborhood boy. One day, Cevdet Bey, whom Şevkat will never forget, makes a request to him. But what a request! This request has already started our story; Cevdet Bey, who puts Şevkat through the most difficult test of his life, entrusts his daughter Esin, who has returned from Paris, to Şevkat. He trusts his valor, he says watch over, take care of my daughter; This is Men Up! If it is entrusted to you, it is on your head, it will not harm you even if the world is destroyed. However, this trust is different; she is a beautiful girl. Her name is Esin, she came to Şevkat’s life like a troublesome but sweet inspiration. Esin, who was entrusted to Şevkat, loses her mind the day she steps into the neighborhood and leaves the world. He chooses the land to protect the trust and bring it to Esin’s mind. Then Esin comes to her senses. However, when Esin comes to herself, she is a completely different person. It makes Şevkat rooted and infuriates her. Despite this, Şevkat does not break her promise. Because he has to both keep an eye on Esin and put up with her. What does Esin do, she manages to put the two feet of Şevkat, whose two sides do not come together, in a shoe. A mind-blowing relationship is established between the two faulty characters and they turn the neighborhood they live in. .When you say a strange, difficult, troublesome love story is born… All events are for the birth of this love anyway…

First Name: MAN UP
Release Year: 2017
Production: Limon
Director: Bülent İşbilen

Cast: Özgürcan Çevik, Başak Parlak, Salih Kalyon, Burak Demir, Suzan Aksoy, Canan Maktal, Semra Güzel, Mert Türkoğlu, Murat Makar, İnanç Koçak, Eser Eyüboğlu, Pelin Orhuner, Müge Uyar, Ayşe Kökçü, Baris Murat Yagci, Numan Çakir, Murat Akkoyunlu, Umut Açabuga, Pascal Nouma, Tolga Koçyiğit, Mazlum Çimen, Cem Sahin,Mehmet Aygüzel, Onur Can Karataş, Diren Polatoğluları, İbrahim Şentürk, Rojhat Özsoy, Coraline Chapatte, Nuray Serefoglu, Ata Berk Mutlu, Arslan Cimer, Kaan Yabas, Simge Uluer, Sahin Dirik, Sercan Kılıç, Emre Karaca, Abdulmelik Özdemir, Uğur Özçelik