Fun Facts of Movie

Puhutv’s new series ‘Portable’ is starting soon. Carrying a life story screen from the back streets of Beyoğlu, ‘Portable’ will take the audience into a different adventure with its gripping story. ‘Portable’, produced by Limon Yapım, will soon meet with the audience. Cem Özüduru is the manager of ‘Portable’. The scenario of the series is; Cem Özüduru and Ozan Agac are co-authors. In the lead roles; Ozan Agac, Özge Özacar and Erdem Kaynarca’s ‘Portable’, will also draw attention with an impressive woman who arouses curiosity. ‘Portable’ will be on puhutv soon with its immersive story and attention episodes… ‘Portable’ will lock the whole screen with its immersive story. Yasin Gencer is a modest peddler who sells chickpeas and rice between Taksim and Tepebaşı. He lives with his lover Çiğdem, the length of opening the restaurant they have planned for the long-weds, the special recipe heirloom from his family, is the point of marketing the rice that everyone loves to taste to wider masses and achieving their dreams. But in a way that befits Beyoğlu, everything turns upside down from night to night. In an unexpected way, Yasin will find himself side by side with the darkest figures of Istanbul.

First Name: PORTABLE
Release Year: 2021
Production: Limon
Director: Cem Özüduru

Cast: Ozan Ağaç, Özge Özacar, Erdem Kaynarca, Nevzat Yılmaz, Zeynep Coşkun, Fatih Berk Sahin, Burak Altunsoy, Ergun Kuyucu, İbrahim Sahin, Semiha Bezek, Onur Alagöz, Emir Ünver, Serkan Beşiroğlu, Alperen Aldanmaz, Eşref Seyitoğlu, Vurgun Adalayi, Yasar Karakulak, Osman Koyun, Emirhan Akbaba, Nalan Olcayalp, Mert Şenol, Osman Ataseven