Fun Facts of Movie

Gürbüz is an unreliable, but very persuasive person who is known to everyone as a con man in his district. When the person he defrauded in his last act, Sarı Kenan, one of Istanbul’s most dangerous underground crew, comes out, his account is cut and he is killed. On the other hand, who will participate in an international science competition, Dr. Erol, with his assistant Tin Tin, is secretly trying to create a kind of Frenkestein by uniting the dead. When the person they come back to life is Gürbüz, the news flies to Sarı Kenan. Yellow Kenan, who has become a madara to the world, begins to follow Gürbüz again to find and shoot him. Gürbüz, who is unaware that Kenan is looking for him and has started a new life, enters all kinds of funny adventures with the duo of Erol and Tin Tin, with his funny appearance until his date in the competition.

Release Year: 2018
Production: Limon
Director: Özgür Bakar

Cast: Şevket Çoruh, Ruhi Sarı, Bulent Çolak, Ayçin İnci, Uğur Serhan, Hüseyin Elmalıpınar, Nasıl Tosunoğlu, Sinan Bengier, Tuncay Beyazıt